‘Online' cricket series between India and Pakistan

According to media reports, PCB wants to make Mickey Arthur the "online head coach" of the Pakistan team

‘Online' cricket series between India and Pakistan PHOTO: PCB

According to media reports, PCB wants to make Mickey Arthur the "online head coach" of the Pakistan team.

By the way, how do people think of such unique ideas. Ramiz Raja thought that he had achieved such a feat by organizing a junior league that will be remembered for a long time, but that project became super flop.

Now the new administration has come up with this new idea of "online coaching". Perhaps they can arrange a series between India and Pakistan online as well, since India is not willing to come on Pakistan. At one end, Babar Azam will play the game while at the other end Virat Kohli will be playing.

These things were said to me by a former cricketer. However, he requested me to not disclose his name, so PCB won’t stop his pension.

It is now revealed that Mickey Arthur is being made team director rather than online coach and he will also continue his contract with English county Derbyshire at the same time.

The problem in our country is that anyone who comes to a big position needs only likeable faces around whom he has full confidence. So often the change of chairman in PCB forces many people in the board to pack their bags and go home.

Although Najam Sethi has not yet become the chairman, but he has also started handing over positions to the people he likes. He feels that there is no better coach in the world than Mickey Arthur. He believes that If Arthur does not coach, Pakistan cricket will come to an end.

Arthur is not ready to terminate the contract with Derbyshire. On the other hand, he also wants to be associated with Pakistan Cricket. When PCB contacted other foreign coaches, they ignored the offer after hearing the compensation and were not ready to take responsibility.

Cricket is not a game of Ludo that can be played online. It is necessary to be with the team at all times. If players have any problem, the coach corrects it during the net session. Mistakes that are observed during the match are also corrected,

If Mickey Arthur becomes the online coach and there is a Pakistan match going on, will he be able to contact the players while watching the match on TV?  Will the ICC's anti-corruption unit allow him to do so?

If PCB is adamant about their idea of continuing with online coaching, they should contact the biggest names in the world of coaching.

Andy Flower and Tom Moody will happily agree to have online sessions on their days off from franchise cricket and PCB can also transfer the dollars online to them. The authorities really need to think what they are doing.

Arthur should not float in two boats at the same time. He wants the pounds from the county and is also not willing to give up the dollars from Pakistan. If Arthur loves Pakistan cricket so much, he should end his contract with Derbyshire and come here, for every series.

Coaches around the world terminate their contracts prematurely and don't give such weird ideas.

PCB can appoint a foreign coach, but they should make a Pakistani his deputy. The local coach will also have the opportunity to learn and he will be able to be a facilitator between foreign coach and the players, as some players communicate only in their local language and can’t understand English.

It is difficult to understand the English language face-to-face for them, so in an online session, everyone will only keep shaking their heads.

Former cricketers, Shahid Afridi and Aqib Javed, have also raised their voices against this experiment.

PCB should not take any decision in haste. They should talk to Mickey Arthur categorically that if you want to come, then you are welcome to join the team for every series. Otherwise leave the idea of online coaching.

This is the year of the ODI World Cup. Pakistan cannot afford any adventure. Najam Sethi should understand that only those who are close to you are not necessarily good. You can give others a chance as well. Many foreign coaches are coming to Pakistan for PSL. Najam Sethi can engage with them as well.

Azhar Mahmood has also got enough experience now. PCB can also hire him and keep him with the team. If you give him a chance, good results can follow.

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