Aamer Sohail voices concerns over management shuffle in PCB

Sohail criticized the appointment of inexperienced individuals in sports administration, claiming their decisions are harming Pakistan cricket

Aamer Sohail voices concerns over management shuffle in PCB PHOTO: AFP

Former Pakistan cricketer Aamer Sohail has expressed his dissatisfaction with the leadership shuffle within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

In a recent interview with a local sports platform, sohail criticized the appointment of individuals without experience in running a sporting body, suggesting that their decisions are negatively impacting Pakistan cricket.

According to Sohail, the turmoil in Pakistan cricket is not limited to the cricket board alone but extends to sports overall in the country.

"The biggest reason for the turmoil in Pakistan cricket is that those who have no experience of running a sporting body, want to be on the cricket board for the limelight and other benefits; they just want to be there. Because of their wrong decisions, Pakistan cricket suffers. I am not talking only about the cricket board as sports overall in Pakistan is hurt badly. Hockey used to be right up there, and just look where it is now. So, I think the authority needs to form a committee -- a sports council -- which will asses everything and give them a mandate on how to operate in a better way," Aamer Sohail said.

Regarding the impact on Pakistani players, the former cricketer mentioned that, apart from monetary benefits, there is no significant effect. He pointed out that Pakistani players are actively participating in various T20 leagues worldwide.

"I think there is no effect on the Pakistani players apart from the monetary benefits. The Pakistan Super League is a big brand and they are featuring in Big Bash, BPL and they are being sought by different leagues around the world. So, I don't think it is hurting Pakistan cricket if they are not participating in the IPL," he said.

The 57-year-old also highlighted two specific areas of improvement for Pakistan cricket. 

"I think the only thing Pakistan cricket needs to do is they have to find good spinners. Also, I think somebody at number five in the batting department is needed," Aamer concluded.