ACA CEO to travel alongside Australian team to convince players

The CEO of the Australian Cricketers' Association has made a personal commitment to travel to Pakistan and set an example for players to follow

ACA CEO to travel alongside Australian team to convince players PHOTO: Reuters

Todd Greenberg, the chief executive of Australian Cricketers' Associations, has vowed to travel to Pakistan alongside the Australian cricketers to convince players who might be on the edge regarding the tour.

Australia are set to tour Pakistan after 24 years in March-April 2022. Although the initial security assessment has been cleared the tour still remains subject to it.

Granted if the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is organised without a hassle, the chances of a fully strengthened Australian side touring Pakistan would increase.

Making a personal commitment, Todd has also expressed his desire to travel alongside the team.

"I have made an assurance to the players that they won’t go alone,” Greenberg told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday. "If they are going to Pakistan, I will be going with them and I think that’s important. It’s an opportunity to show the players that we are in this together."

"The ACA accompanied Cricket Australia on a pre-tour of Pakistan late last year, and the reports were all very positive. But we will continue to take the advice of DFAT and other government organisations, as we need to be able to satisfy not just the players, but their families, that it’s safe to tour," he added.

Todd explained that even if things go exactly as planned, some players might still be uncomfortable with touring Pakistan and their decision needs to be respected.

"There may be one or two players who won’t be comfortable despite the best advice we give, and that’s okay, we need to respect that," he explained.

Greenberg, however, added that world cricket needs to find a balance between players fulfilling their international commitment and withdrawing from tours if they feel the need to do so.

“We have to be kind and patient with each other, and there’ll be a player or two who say, ‘You know what, this is not for me at this particular point in my life and career, I’m not comfortable going. If that’s the case, we need to have great respect for that,” Greenberg told SEN Radio during the SCG Test match.