Adam Hollioake reveals how he landed Pakistan batting coach job

Hollioake admitted to being unaware of Pakistan's subsequent tour to New Zealand

Adam Hollioake reveals how he landed Pakistan batting coach job PHOTO: AFP

Former England cricketer Adam Hollioake has been appointed as the batting coach for the Pakistan team ahead of their upcoming Test tour to Australia. 

While talking on a sports YouTube channel, Hollioake expressed his excitement and readiness for the challenging assignment. He also stated that his appointment was influenced by the quest for a coach well-versed in Australian conditions. 

"They were looking for a coach that wasn't already tied to a side. I work with Queensland but I am not tied to an international side. They needed a coach with experience in Australian conditions," Hollioake said.

Holliake went through a brief interview process before being chosen, considering the proximity of the tour. 
"I have coached the Queensland team and batsmen up here so they asked me. We had a little bit of a small interview process and because it was close to the tour, they chose to go ahead, it happened rather quickly," he further added.
However, Holliake admitted his lack of awareness regarding Pakistan's subsequent tour to New Zealand, indicating that his current commitment solely revolves around the Australian tour.
"At the moment, it is just for the Australian tour. I actually wasn't even aware that they were going straight onto New Zealand after this. At the moment, the contract is just for Australian tour," he clarified.
Acknowledging the strength of the Australian team, Holliake highlighted the necessity for Pakistan to step up and make the challenge equally tough for their opponents.
"We have to be perfect to win the series, maybe more realistically, if we can win a Test match and not lose. A draw series would be a win in my book. It's a very hard assignment but we are going to have a crack. All you can do is go out there and try and win and it will come your way. Australia is a good side and they're going to make it hard. We got to make it hard for them though," he concluded.