Ahmed Shehzad slams teammates for backing Haris Rauf instead of apologizing to fans

The Men in Green had a disappointing T20 World Cup campaign, being eliminated before reaching the Super Eight round

Ahmed Shehzad slams teammates for backing Haris Rauf instead of apologizing to fans PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan cricketer Ahmed Shehzad has stirred controversy with his recent remarks targeting Babar Azam and the national cricket team after their disappointing T20 World Cup campaign, which is currently being co-hosted by the USA and West Indies. 

Over the past couple of weeks, Shehzad has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the team's performance and the conduct of its players.

Shehzad took to the social media platform 'X,' where he criticized the team for focusing on supporting Haris Rauf rather than addressing the fans' concerns following a disappointing World Cup performance. He emphasized that the players should apologize to the fans instead of sharing posts backing Rauf.

"While we fully condemn what happened to Haris Rauf, it is also important that the posts put up by the players in support of Haris should be taken away from the fans due to his poor performance in the World Cup. It should have been as an apology," Shehzad posted.

He further expressed his frustration by urging the players to skip their holidays abroad and return to Pakistan.

"It would be good if these players would apologize to the nation, if these players would be ashamed, and if these players would return to Pakistan instead of spending holidays in America, England, or Dubai. These posts by the players should not change the narrative and the fans should get answers for the poor performances of the players," he said.

"Accountability is very important now. The same group of players have not won anything for our country in the last five years and they have kept prioritizing personal milestones rather than the collective success of Pakistan," he added.

The Men in Green experienced a disappointing T20 World Cup campaign as they were eliminated from the tournament without reaching the Super Eight round. Led by Babar Azam, the team was placed in Group A alongside India, USA, Canada, and Ireland.

They suffered consecutive defeats at the hands of the co-hosts, the USA, and their arch-rivals, India. However, they managed to win their last two group matches against Canada and Ireland, concluding their tournament with two wins and two losses, earning a total of four points.