Babar already told me in Asia Cup I won't be part of T20 World Cup, says Malik

Malik kept him aside and said that age shouldn't be the only criteria for selection

Babar already told me in Asia Cup I won't be part of T20 World Cup, says Malik PHOTO: AFP

Veteran Pakistan all-rounder Shoaib Malik has revealed he already knew during the Asia Cup that he won't be part of the T20 World Cup squad.

The 40-year-old Malik was not part of the Men in Green for the main event in Australia. In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan from Australia, Malik talked about his retirement, post-retirement plans and much more.

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Malik emphasised he would retire from all forms of cricket and that everyone would know when the news would come out. He also highlighted that he is looking to play fewer leagues and focuses on family.

"I am not thinking about retirement; everyone will know when I think or announce it. I am enjoying my game," Malik said.

"I am not playing too many leagues too. Only looking to play Lanka Premier League (LPL) and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). I discussed with the family and opted not to travel in leagues which are far. When I end my cricketing career, I will stop playing everything," he added.

Malik said there is lots of cricket in the pipeline and is focused. "Being a cricketer, you wish to play but the selection is not in the player's hands. The Player's role is to improve cricket and play wherever the opportunity arises. The most important thing is to enjoy, nothing is bigger than representing the national side, but when I am not part of the side, i try to avail chances. I received the opportunity to play in Australia, so I came here. I am in line to play LPL, then BPL and Pakistan Super League (PSL)."

Malik clarified Babar was in communication with him regarding his selection in the national T20 side and he looks to maintain distance when a player is in the leadership role.

"I am unaware of the inside news but Babar Azam told me that the Asia Cup squad will travel to the T20 World Cup. He was communicating from his side and we are on good terms as he is little brother," he added.

"I will always be there for Babar to guide him regarding his game or anything. I am not a person who will stay unhappy and won't talk just because I am not selected for the Pakistan team. My prayers are with him and I always wish to see him grow more. I want to see Babar and Pakistan team at the top," he maintained.

Malik also shed light on his tweet after the Asia Cup final, which talked about liking and disliking culture.

"I have already clarified and those who think my selection was based on the tweet, they are totally wrong. The tweet came afterwards when I knew that the Asia Cup squad will play at the World Cup. It was not against anyone and was totally based on what I saw," he added.

Malik kept him aside and said that age shouldn't be the only criteria of selection. "The experience should be preferred as it's play a huge role. When I came in the team, there were many legends and if I am playing till now, I have seen work ethics of everyone," he maintained.