Completion of HBL PSL 6 is important for Pakistan's image: Saeed Ajmal

Former cricketer is happy with the resumption of PSL season six

Completion of HBL PSL 6 is important for Pakistan's image: Saeed Ajmal PHOTO COURTESY: PCB

Islamabad United bowling coach, Saeed Ajmal, is happy that the remaining matches of HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) season six are taking place as he believes it is important for Pakistan’s image.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has confirmed it has received all outstanding approvals and exemptions from the United Arab Emirates government for the staging of the remaining 20 HBL PSL matches in Abu Dhabi.

“This is Pakistan’s league and it should happen in Pakistan. But considering the current circumstances in Pakistan, they have decided it to shift it. I think the completion of HBL PSL 6 is important for Pakistan's image,” Ajmal said in an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan.

“I also thought that UAE was the best option. I am just grateful to Almighty that the remaining matches are taking place,” he added.

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Ajmal added that local players might look a little rusty in the initial matches due to the gap of three months since the league was suspended.

“Players that were playing international cricketer would be fine but the Pakistan local cricketers might be take time to get back in the groove. We also have very little practice time available before the tournament, so it might affect the performance. But I am hopeful that after one or two matches, everyone will be back in rhythm,” he said.

Ajmal feels players will miss the crowd but is looking to keep them positive with his guidance.

“Fans play an important part in cricket. It helps in boosting player’s energy and motivation,” he said.

“I have been associated with Islamabad United for four years, so I have adjusted with all the players. I have been a positive cricketer and also advice cricketers to be positive in their approach inorder to be successful,” he concluded.