Contracted players can play in only two foreign leagues per season: PCB

Special cricket committee takes decisions on important cricketing matters

Contracted players can play in only two foreign leagues per season: PCB

Some important decisions have been taken regarding cricket in Pakistan during the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) meeting — held on May 3 — headed by chairman Najam Sethi.

The committee decided that the private leagues must abide by the board’s rules and regulations to acquire the NoC and those rules and regulations shall be devised soon.

A new policy has also been conceived regarding the participation of players in foreign leagues.

Players with central contracts will only be allowed to participate in two foreign leagues in a season, while players not on a central contract can only obtain an NoC after appearing in three first-class matches.

Players who have retired will, however, not be required to obtain an NoC and they will get their clearance forms two years after their retirement, as per International Cricket Council (ICC) rules.

In a special case, a four-member committee shall deliver a verdict.

The committee also decided that there will be no changes in the domestic structure.

The players’ fees, meanwhile, are expected to increase, while the number of teams in the Patrons Trophy has been decreased to 16.

Domestic players match fees would be enhanced in order to financially strengthen regional players to bring them at par with the departmental players. Monthly retainer amount being paid to domestic players as per current policy will be diverted towards domestic players match fee enhancement.