Gurbaz salutes Babar Azam’s resilience

Gurbaz commended Babar Azam and said that he would pray for Pakistan batter’s success

Gurbaz salutes Babar Azam’s resilience PHOTO: AFP

Afghanistan registered their first-ever win over Pakistan in the ODI format during the recently-concluded 2023 ODI World Cup. 

Following the match, Rahmanullah Gurbaz made a request to Babar Azam for a bat, a plea that the then Pakistani captain graciously fulfilled.

Reflecting on this incident in a recent conversation with a social media influencer, Gurbaz expressed deep admiration for Babar Azam's sportsmanship. 

“I can’t forget that moment,” Gurbaz said.

“We beat Pakistan and then I asked for his bat. Once he brought that, he was so disappointed which I can understand as a player. I can feel the pain of losing a game under so much pressure. And if I can remember, I got a little emotional. He is such a great player, one of the best captains,” he added.

Gurbaz went on to disclose that Babar Azam's disappointment was profound, almost to the point of tears, following the defeat. 

“I was trying to not say this in front of the camera but yes, he was so disappointed that he was about to cry. I’ve never seen any player like that. Everyone was against him. But I salute Babar Bhai that he was so strong and just kept going. He never gave up and produced his best,” Gurbaz said.

The Afghanistan opener revealed that his younger brother is a big fan of Babar and he asked for the bat.

“Actually, my younger brother is a big fan of Babar Bhai. So he asked me for the shirt and the bat. So, I requested Babar Bhai for the same and he just gave it to me. He didn’t say no to me and I can never forget that. I would pray for him and his success,” he concluded.


With the star player who has added flair and fire to Afghanistan’s batting line up 🏏

It was a proud moment hearing @RGurbaz_21 speak about our former captain’s humility while revisiting the moment he received #BabarAzam’s bat!

We were also joined by the down-to-earth Masood…

— Momin Saqib (@mominsaqib) December 6, 2023