HBL PSL 7: Three franchises report positive Covid-19 cases

PCB has a real task on their hands to conduct PSL 7 with the alarming rise in Covid-19 positive cases

HBL PSL 7: Three franchises report positive Covid-19 cases PHOTO COURTESY: PCB

The players and officials have started gathering in Karachi to join the bio-bubble as the Pakistan Super League (PSL) the seventh edition is ready to be kicked off in a week.

One of the glaring obstacles ahead of the HBL PSL 7 is forming policies to deal with the alarming rise in Covid-19 cases.

All three franchise representatives, on the request of anonymity, confirmed that there are positive cases in their camps; not only players but also the officials from respective franchises are also included. According to sources, as many as five new cases have been reported in three different franchises.

The majority of the players and all of the officials are expected to join the bio-bubble in Karachi by tonight, which has been set up by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to conduct Covid-19 tests as the majority of the personnel have been engaged in cricketing activities; this might result in additional Covid-19 positive cases being reported.

In addition to that, a couple of PCB officials have also fallen prey to the pandemic whereas some players' families have also reported being tested positive for Covid-19.

PCB has already addressed the scenario where multiple players are tested positive for Covid-19; the PCB ruled that matches will be conducted even if as many as 7 players are tested positive in a camp.

The PCB is trying its utmost best to ensure a suitable environment for the players to host the league in testing times.