Mohammad Amir picks his favourite from Pakistan’s current crop of pacers

Amir recently shared his thoughts on the current crop of pacers in the Pakistan cricket team

Mohammad Amir picks his favourite from Pakistan’s current crop of pacers PHOTO: Twitter

Mohammad Amir, the former Pakistani cricketer, recently shared his thoughts on Pakistan's current crop of pacers and expressed his admiration for Naseem Shah. According to Amir, Naseem Shah possesses exceptional skills that set him apart from other bowlers.

"Naseem Shah is a different breed altogether. He outswings the ball as well as in-swing in ODIs. He also tries Yorkers and bouncer with the new ball,” Amir said on his YouTube channel.

One quality that Amir particularly admires about Naseem is his astute decision-making on the field. He acknowledges Naseem's ability to assess the situation and choose the right delivery accordingly. Naseem possesses a deep understanding of when to bowl certain deliveries, demonstrating a level of maturity beyond his years.

"The quality I really admire about him as an ODI bowler is that he knows when and what to bowl according to the particular situation," he said.

“He is certainly a smart bowler. For instance, he won't go for a swing delivery when he knows the ball isn't swinging a lot. This is the difference between Naseem and the rest of the bowlers. Other bowlers try so hard to attain the shape, but Naseem is one of those who read the pitch well. He grasps quickly whether the pitch is demanding swing delivery or a half-length,” he added.

Naseem's repertoire of variations is another aspect that catches Amir's attention.

“He has quite a lot of variations in his bowling - he can rattle the stumps as well as trap the batter for LBW - because he bowls at a Test length - which is what you require early on in the ODI format,” he concluded.