Mudassar Nazar calls for ‘tougher’ laws to counter spot-fixing

Former Pakistan cricketer believes that corrupt cricketers should be given lengthy sentences

Mudassar Nazar calls for ‘tougher’ laws to counter spot-fixing PHOTO COURTESY: Shafiq Malik

Former Pakistan cricketer Mudassar Nazar, who is currently working as Director Academies for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), believes that tougher laws are the need of the hour, in order to counter the menace of spot-fixing — which has haunted Pakistan cricket for more than two decades. 

While talking to Cricket Pakistan in an exclusive interview, Nazar said that players involved in corrupt practices should be given lengthy sentences or even life ban.

“We will have to bring in tougher laws with lengthy sentences. Too many players have got away with it and it encourages cricketers,” said Nazar. “They know they will be back playing cricket soon. Also life ban could be a good deterrence.”

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The 64-year-old is not a fan of playing cricket behind closed doors, amid coronavirus (COVID-19) fears, but is open to thinking along those lines if the situation does not improve.

“Playing cricket in empty stadiums is tough but if there is no other solution to coronavirus and you can generate money only through TV coverage then we may have to play in empty stadiums,” he said. “I watched football matches last month without fans in the ground and hated it. There was no atmosphere.”

Nazar has already confirmed that he will not be seeking an extension to his contract when it expires on May 31, 2020. He joined the PCB on June 1, 2016 on a three-year contract, which was extended to another one year in 2019.