Pakistan could lose to Netherlands: Nasser Hussain

While describing Pakistan as a formidable tournament team, Nasser Hussain also highlighted their unpredictable nature

Pakistan could lose to Netherlands: Nasser Hussain PHOTO: FILE

Former England cricketer Nasser Hussain has expressed his views on Pakistan's unpredictable cricket style ahead of the ODI World Cup 2023, acknowledging the team's potential to both success and face unexpected defeats.

While talking on a YouTube channel, Nasser particularly highlighted Pakistan's first match against the Netherlands in the upcoming tournament, acknowledging that Pakistan could face a potential defeat against the European side.

"I think they [Pakistan] are very good tournament side. They have got Netherlands up from first game, they could lose that. That is Pakistan for you. But then they'll go on a run. You look at the last World T20. They were out of it and then suddenly they are in the final. They are mercurial because that is the brand and style of cricket they play. They are incredibly watchable side," Nasser said.

Furthermore, Nasser emphasized that Pakistan can be a force to reckon with if they achieve above-par scores against any opponent in the World Cup.

"If they get an above par score against you, any team in the World Cup, you are in trouble," he concluded.