Pitbull to no longer perform at PSL opening ceremony

The American rapper was unable to reach Dubai in time

Pitbull to no longer perform at PSL opening ceremony PHOTO: AFP

American rapper Pitbull has apologised to cricket fans as he could not reach Dubai to perform at the Pakistan Super League (PSL) opening ceremony on Thursday.

In a video message shared on his official Twitter account, the 38-year-old singer said, “I was very excited to go to Dubai and perform for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) but unfortunately, what happen was that it was such a long flight. The pilots took the plane for test flight and when they land the pieces of the engine had come apart.”

He added: “My crew and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) tried our hardest to make it to Dubai, but failed. So I want to say I’m sorry, I deeply apologise. I will look forward to see you guys in near future. And thanks for the love and support.”

The music icon, also thanked the organisers and hoped to work with them in future.

“I once again thank HBL PSL for even thinking me for the cricket tournament, realty appreciated and hope to see you guys next year or any time soon.”