Saud Shakeel reveals his cricket career aspirations

Saud Shakeel also reveals his aspiration to participate in T20I matches for Pakistan

Saud Shakeel reveals his cricket career aspirations PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan cricketer Saud Shakeel has revealed his selfless approach towards the game and his unwavering commitment to contributing towards Pakistan's victories. 

In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, the left-handed batsman highlighted that surpassing personal records is secondary to the primary aim of achieving victories for the national team. 

He also underscored the significance of his batting position in contributing to the team's overall success.

"I don't aim to beat my own records. My main goal is to help Pakistan win matches no matter what. The position in the batting order where I play is important for achieving this. I keep my preparation and plans simple. My main focus is always on winning matches for Pakistan in any possible way." Saud Shakeel said.

Furthermore, the 28-year-old expressed his aspirations to venture into T20 cricket, outlining his commitment to meeting the game's protocols and requirements. 

He conveyed a determination to align his skills with the dynamic nature of T20 cricket.

"My desire is to also play T20 cricket along with adhering to its protocols and meeting its requirements. I will try to fulfill all the requirements of the game and strive to develop my game according to its protocols. Once I achieve that and work hard accordingly, I will play T20 for Pakistan as well." he said.