Shafique, Agha aim for strong performance in World Cup 2023

Abdullah Shafique ready to play at any position for Pakistan

Shafique, Agha aim for strong performance in World Cup 2023 PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan batters, Agha Salman and Abdullah Shafique, are targeting a better display in the upcoming World Cup 2023, scheduled in India later in October-November.

During the media conference on Monday in Lahore, reflecting on his performance in the recently concluded Asia Cup 2023, Salman acknowledged his team's shortcomings and expressed a strong desire to rectify them. They emphasized their collective effort to return from India with the coveted trophy and requested the nation's support through prayers.

"We didn't perform well in the Asia Cup; we'll try to do better in India," he said.

The all-rounder conveyed confidence in the team's environment, highlighting the learning opportunities presented by their past mistakes. He emphasized the significance of hard work in first-class cricket, underlining its eventual payoff for him in international cricket.

"The effort is that when we come back, we bring the trophy with us; everyone, please pray. The team environment is good; we'll learn from our mistakes. Playing in the World Cup is a dream for everyone. There's pressure in India; we'll strive to perform better under pressure conditions," he concluded.

Shafique also voiced his determination to contribute to the team's success in the World Cup, expressing eagerness to showcase his best performance when the opportunity arrives. 

He mentioned his enthusiasm for playing modern-day cricket and emphasized adaptability to different positions as a professional player.

"I will make efforts to perform as well as I can, whenever I get a chance. I am very enthusiastic about the World Cup, and I want to contribute to the team's success through my performance. I have received guidance to play modern-day cricket, and I will act accordingly. I am ready to play at any position," he said.