Shahid Afridi slams BCCI for handling Kohli's captaincy issue poorly

Afridi believes that India should adopt a face-to-face approach with its players instead of using media to communicate

Shahid Afridi slams BCCI for handling Kohli's captaincy issue poorly PHOTO: AFP

The BCCI recently stripped Virat Kohli of his one-day international captaincy and appointed Rohit Sharma as the sole captain for their limited-overs cricket.

Following the announcement, Virat Kohli opened up about the lack of communication and proceeded to contradict BCCI president Sourav Ganguly's statements regarding Kohli wanting to quit one-day international captaincy himself.

Often times when players and boards have differences, the matter is resolved behind closed doors. Once these issues are made public, the differences between both parties continue to increase.

Speaking about this matter, Shahid Afridi voiced his opinion during a media interview on Wednesday.

"This could have been handled in a better way. I always feel that the role of a cricket board is very important; it plays the role of a father. Whatever future plans a selection committee of a board has regarding a player, it communicates those plans to that player, like, ‘Look, we have these plans, what are your plans? We want to do this and as a board, we see benefits from doing this," said Afridi.

Former Pakistan captain claimed that BCCI has had a tendency of communicating through media, which can prove extremely counterproductive, and they should start communicating to players face-to-face instead.

“If you communicate through the media, then there will be issues. If you sit in front of each other, speak face to face, then I think there can be solutions to problems. If you want to create issues out of something, then that doesn’t solve anything,” further added Afridi.

Shahid Afridi suggested that Virat Kohli should quit the captaincy altogether and just focus on himself as a player.

"I think Virat should step down as captain and just enjoy his remaining cricket which I think aplenty. He is a top batsman and he can play freely without any other pressures on his mind. He will enjoy his cricket," said Afridi.