Social media reacts after Yasir Shah booked in sexual assault case

FIR has been registered in Shalimar Police Station Islamabad against Yasir Shah and his friend Farhan

Social media reacts after Yasir Shah booked in sexual assault case PHOTO: AFP

In a stunning development, Pakistan Test cricketer Yasir Shah has been booked in an alleged sexual assault case of a 14-year-old girl.

The news came to light on Monday night which revealed a First Information Report (FIR) case was registered against Yasir Shah and, according to the complainant, his friend, Farhan, under sections 292-B and 292-C (child pornography) as well as 376 (punishment for rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Case Details

According to the details mentioned in the FIR, Yasir Shah's friend, Farhan, took the mobile number of the underage girl and then proceeded to become her friend. Both of them also established contact with Yasir Shah on WhatsApp as well.

The details claim that the sexual assault occurred on August 14, when the underage girl was returning from tuition and Farhan took her to the F-11 area and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. In addition to that, Farhan also filmed her.

After offering resistance, Farhan not only threatened to make the video viral but also threatened to kill her if she reveals the unfortunate incident to anyone. 

The complainant said Yasir Shah also threatened her niece saying that he was an international cricketer and would implicate her in a case if she lodged a complaint.

"When I threatened to go to the police, Yasir said let bygones be bygones and said he would buy the girl a flat and bear her expenses till she turned 18 if I got her married to Farhan," the complainant said.

PCB's Initial Statement

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) remained prompt to respond on the matter but revealed that their official statement will come after the internal investigation will be completed.

"We have noted that some allegations have been levelled against one of our Centrally Contracted players. The PCB is presently gathering information at its end and will only offer a comment when in possession of complete facts," the PCB statement read.

Social Media Response

Like every other controversial case, the people also remain split on the initial details that have come to light in regards to Yasir Shah's involvement in the case.

Some people want Yasir Shah to be stripped off of every record and removed from the cricketing scene altogether whereas others feel that this is only one side of the story. 

Here are the different opinions:

I don’t know that the allegations on Yasir Shah is true or not, so will not say anything about this, let’s wait for the investigation and the other side of the story if he’s proven guilty then he must be punished but first let’s wait for his side of the story.#YasirShah

— Rjp Umair Rana🇵🇰 (@meet_rjp) December 20, 2021


It's a one-sided story (till now) so don't jump to any conclusion before further investigation. #YasirShah

— Aimen Javaid 🇵🇰 (@AimenJavaid8) December 20, 2021


disappointed to knw d news abt Yasir shah’s case.The girl has accused that yasir’s friend raped her & yasir tried to protect his frnd. I wish this is fabricated story against him but it’s a fact that our players need to be educated & groomed so that such incidents can be avoided

— Umair Bashir (@umairbashirr) December 20, 2021


Yasir Shah allegedly threatened a minor girl to cover for his friend who raped her, and everyone is supporting yasir shah already.
Please tell me how false allegations can ruin a man’s career?
Investigation abhi poori hui nai or sab nay decide kr liya larrki jhoot bol rhi

— Hijab (@allahhatt) December 20, 2021


This notion that men are 'robots' who can't control themselves infront of women is so idiotic. Yasir Shah toured the world and was able to act like a Robot everywhere other than Pakistan.

Assault is always about power. It is not a "Crime of passion" or poor men losing control.

— Shehzad Ghias Shaikh (@Shehzad89) December 20, 2021


A few thoughts on the Yasir Shah news. Disgusting if true, and would simply be a reflection of the problems we face widely in our society. PCB needs to develop a system that does background checks on our players regularly, such characters should be kept far away from the game.

— Cover Drive (@CoverDriveCric) December 20, 2021


Re- Yasir Shah allegations: an overwhelming majority of men gave a verdict that a 14 year old girl willingly got raped for fame and money.

Same country where a beheaded woman was blamed for her death because "why did she go over guy's place?"

— berbaad kacchay 🩲👻🪐 (@mahobili) December 21, 2021


PCB needs to take a clear stand on the Issue of Yasir Shah. This is time they need to make a clear policy for everyone so it sets an example for the future.

— Taimoor Zaman (@taimoorze) December 20, 2021


I don't think so Yasir Shah can do this. It will hurt as a fan if he proves guilty. No matter what, justice should be served to whoever proves victim. #YasirShah

— Marwah Khan (@MarwahKhan64) December 20, 2021


Please be patient as only a FIR has been filed and no crime has been proven.#Yasirshah

— Arsalan Siddique (@Sportsjourno01) December 20, 2021


If this turns out true then I have no words for Yasir Shah. He should be stripped of every single laurel and respect he has taken from cricket

— Ahsan (@ahsanzawar) December 20, 2021


I hope nobody from @TheRealPCB tries to protect Yasir Shah. Current crop of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cricketers who are buddies of Yasir also need to keep a distance from him

Let Yasir Shah fight this case on his own instead of being protected by influential people.

— Naveed Nadeem (@naveednadeem91) December 20, 2021


Unbelievable news about Yasir Shah.

If it turns true, then no mercy.

— Aqeel (@AqeelViews) December 20, 2021


So here is new excuse for so-called liberals and others to defame Pakistan and to destroy the image of Pakistani men. It is too early to judge someone but we have seen such cases and blames like in the case of Ali Zafar Babar Azam and many more....
Lets see this one.#YasirShah

— Ahmad Fawad Khan (@AhhmadFawad) December 20, 2021