T20 WC 2024: Pakistan, England's fate hangs in balance as teams jostle for Super 8 spots

As the T20 World Cup 2024 group stage draws to a close, the fight for the Super 8 spots is becoming increasingly fierce

T20 WC 2024: Pakistan, England's fate hangs in balance as teams jostle for Super 8 spots PHOTO: AFP

As we reach the halfway point of the T20 World Cup 2024, the competition is intensifying for the coveted Super 8 spots. With only 20 group stage matches remaining, upsets and weather disruptions have left some top teams, including Pakistan, England, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka, in a precarious position. While Oman is the only team out of contention, the battle for the remaining slots is far from over. Here's a breakdown of the current standings and scenarios for each group:

India and co-hosts USA are in a strong position in Group A. Each needs just one more win to secure a spot in the Super 8, provided Canada doesn't win both of their remaining games. Pakistan, on the other hand, finds themselves on the brink after consecutive losses. To advance, they must win their matches against Ireland and Canada, and hope for favorable outcomes in the India-USA games. If Pakistan manages to tie on four points with other teams, their Net Run Rate (NRR) will be the tiebreaker.

Group B, featuring three Associate teams, is delicately poised. Scotland currently leads the group, and Australia is set to secure their place with a win against Namibia, which would end Namibia's campaign. Defending champions England face a challenging path after their loss to Australia. They need to win their remaining games against Namibia and Oman to have a shot at the Super 8. If Scotland loses to Australia and England wins their remaining matches, it will come down to NRR. Currently, Scotland has a significant NRR advantage over England, and England will need to win by substantial margins to overtake them.

Group C, dubbed the "group of death," has seen intense competition. Afghanistan and co-hosts West Indies are well-placed, and a win in one of their remaining matches should secure their advancement due to their strong NRR. New Zealand, however, has little room for error after a heavy loss in their opening game. They need to win all three remaining matches and hope for a favorable outcome in the Afghanistan-West Indies game. If New Zealand wins out and Afghanistan beats PNG, all three teams could end up tied, with NRR determining who advances.

Group D remains the most open, with all five teams still in contention. A victory for South Africa against Bangladesh has almost certainly secured their spot in the Super 8. Sri Lanka is currently in the most difficult position and needs to win both their remaining games against Netherlands and Nepal. Additionally, they will need favorable results in other matches to tie on points and hope NRR works in their favor. This group could see multiple teams ending with four points each, making NRR a crucial factor.