Unnamed former chairman owes Rs7 million to PCB

The audit report brought to light certain irregularities in PCB appointments

Unnamed former chairman owes Rs7 million to PCB PHOTO: PCB

The Auditor General of Pakistan's report contains a reference to a "former chairman," indicating that during the fiscal year 2018-19, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) disbursed a sum of 26,294,663 rupees for the travel, daily allowances, and miscellaneous expenses of the aforementioned chairman. The audit revealed that on November 6, 2018, an amount of 17,671,011 rupees was adjusted against these expenses, leaving a remaining outstanding balance of 6,903,744 rupees as of June 30, 2022. The report emphasizes that the failure to recover this outstanding amount from the former chairman resulted in unwarranted benefits, causing a financial loss to the PCB, although the identity of the individual in question remains undisclosed in the report.

Furthermore, the audit report brought to light certain irregularities in PCB appointments. One instance involves the appointment of Shoaib Khalid as a PSL associate on October 20, 2020, with a monthly salary of 80,000 rupees. Despite a three-member committee conducting interviews with three candidates, the signed assessment form of the interview committee was missing from the records. The audit identified that the appointment of Shoaib Khalid lacked advertising in the print media and lacked a formal selection procedure encompassing educational qualifications, experience, and age limit. The report deems this irregularity as unjust and against PCB rules, recommending an investigation into the matter.

It is noteworthy that Shoaib Khalid has progressed in his career, currently holding the position of Manager Partnerships and Player Acquisition for PSL, with a higher salary than before. Similarly, suspicions arose regarding Natasha Noorani's appointment as Manager Brand and Marketing on November 3, 2020. Despite receiving a monthly salary of 1 lakh 70 thousand rupees and being hired on a one-year contract, her appointment was considered questionable due to non-compliance with regulations, and she left PCB employment shortly afterward.