What is The 6ixty tournament? Here's everything you need to know

The inaugural edition of 6IXTY will be held in St Kitts & Nevis from August 24 to 28

What is The 6ixty tournament? Here's everything you need to know PHOTO: FILE

The West Indies cricket, in collaboration with the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), has introduced a new cricketing tournament called The 6ixty on Wednesday 22.

The new format will comprise of 60-balls per innings and teams will have 6 wickets each. The inaugural season will be held in St. Kitts and Nevis from August 24 to 28.

Previously, The Hundred was also launched by the England board which received a lot of praise for innovating the game. Similar to that, The 6ixty also aims to break the barriers between men's and women's cricket as out of the nine teams, six will be men's teams from CPL whereas the other three will be women's teams.

Labelled as the Power Game, the tournament was unveiled by West Indies legendary cricketer Chris Gayle.

"This revolutionary format will see brand new innovations that will change T10 cricket and make the game even faster-paced and action-packed," the CPL said in a release.


60 balls, 6 men's teams, 3 women's teams, radical new rules. Join us as we see the CPL teams compete in @6ixtycricket #CricketsPowerGame #6ixtyCricket #CPL22

— CPL T20 (@CPL) June 22, 2022


The 6ixty: Rules Explained

  • Each batting team has two PowerPlay overs. They can unlock a third PowerPlay by hitting two sixes in the first 12 balls. This extra PowerPlay over can be taken at any time between overs 3-9.

  • There will be 30 balls bowled from one end before the action switches to the other end for the final 30 balls.

  • The 30 balls will be delivered as 5 separate overs, with no bowler being able to bowl more than 2 overs for the innings.

  • If teams do not bowl their overs within the allotted time a member of their team is removed from the field for the final six balls.

  • Fans will vote for the timing of a "Mystery Free Hit" where a batter can't be dismissed by the bowler.

"This is a hugely exciting moment for both CPL and Cricket West Indies as we create a tournament that will see cricket fans brought closer to the game," said Pete Russell, the CEO of the Caribbean Premier League.

"There will be world-class men's and women's cricketers taking part in a fantastic event for the Caribbean and this combined with cutting-edge innovations, signals a great moment for all fans of West Indian cricket," he added.