Will Abid Ali make a comeback to international stage like Yuvraj Singh?

The 34-year-old suffered complications with his heart last year during a Quaid-e-Azam Trophy match

Will Abid Ali make a comeback to international stage like Yuvraj Singh? PHOTO: PCB

Pakistan's opening batsman, Abid Ali, has claimed that he remains hopeful in regards to making a comeback on international stage following complications with his heart.

Last year, the opening batsman had a heart attack during a Quaid-e-Azam Trophy match. After being rushed to the hospital and receiving ample medical attention, it was later revealed that Abid Ali suffered from an accute coronary syndrome.

The 34-year-old, while speaking to CricketPakistan in an exclusive interview, was asked about his opinion whether he will be able to make a comeback like Yuvraj Singh or not.

"I am extremely positive. I have worked on myself and worked on my fitness. The doctors remain hopeful and have already given me green signal to play cricket. I am constantly looking after myself and my health to ensure that no further complications arise," Abid Ali said.

"My advise to all the youngsters is to make sure they are eating proper diet and also taking care of their body. Despite keeping up with those standards, I still went through an unfortunate incident. They should learn from my example and understand that maybe my recovery only happened because I had been taking care of myself and because of Allah Almighty," he added.

Abid Ali further mentioned that he has already started featuring in various cricket tournaments, while remaining cautious, to test his body and seeing how it responds to different stress levels.