Will not stop Mohammad Amir if he wants to come back - Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi has recently addressed the issue of Mohammad Amir's return to international cricket

Will not stop Mohammad Amir if he wants to come back - Najam Sethi PHOTO COURTESY: PCB

Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee Najam Sethi said that he will not stop Mohammad Amir if the former cricketer wants to make a comeback to international cricket. 

"I will not stop Mohammad Amir if he wants to make himself available to play for Pakistan again," said Sethi in an interview to Arab News on Monday.  

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The newly appointed PCB chair said he supported Amir's return to the national team.  “A player who has admitted his guilt, helped the ICC to stop match-fixing and corruption, and then paid a five-year penalty for being outside of cricket deserves to come back,” he said.

The news of the fast bowler’s return has been resurfacing after the ousting of previous PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja. "Mohammad Amir thinks he is not dealt fairly by the previous regime of PCB, including selection committee and chairman Ramiz Raja," Sethi said.

The 74-year-old said Amir had only made himself unavailable for selection due to differences with the previous PCB administration.

"Ramiz Raja thinks whoever has committed corruption in cricket should never be allowed to play for Pakistan again. This is not my view! I believe someone who has paid the penalty should be allowed to make a comeback for Pakistan," he said.

Amir bid farewell to international cricket in 2020 citing “hostile environment” and “mental torture” as reasons for retirement.