Javeria Khan's exclusive interview


Pakistan team captain Javeria Khan believes that a T20 league should be introduced for the women’s game — on the same basis as Pakistan Super League.

While talking in an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Javeria said that in order to encourage more women to take up cricket in Pakistan and improve the quality of women’s cricket, a T20 league is essential.

“We need a women’s league on the same basis as PSL,” said Javeria. “I raised this issue earlier as well because it helps women’s cricketers financially while also gaining exposure by playing with foreign cricketers. This will also encourage young women to take up cricket in Pakistan.”

Javeria — who has featured in 91 ODIs and 85 T20Is for Pakistan — also shared her thoughts on recent defeats during the World T20.

“The reason behind our loss was the fact that we our developing youngsters which is why there is lack of consistency in our performances,” she said.

She also brushed aside the notion that only a selected few are favoured when selecting women’s squad.

The 30-year-old also spoke about the need for more investment in women’s cricket.

When asked about team’s performance as compared to other international sides, she said: “It is unfair to match our standard with that of other top international sides because there is a massive difference between the structures. Top sides like Australia, England and South Africa have a very strong domestic, club and school cricket structure which aids their growth in international cricket.”

While speaking about the recurring Pakistan team batting collapses during matches, Javeria said that players need more experience before they come good.

She also revealed that cricketers from Pakistan men’s team have also guided them, if and when possible.

Javeria also believes that it is important that international cricket returns to Pakistan as it is beneficial for the side in so many ways.