Babar Azam’s brother shoots personal Vlog inside NCA, will PCB take notice?

Last year, PCB took notice of Babar’s brother practicing at NCA

Babar Azam’s brother shoots personal Vlog inside NCA, will PCB take notice? PHOTO: Screenshot/Faisal Azam

Babar Azam’s brother, Faisal Azam, uploaded a Vlog on his YouTube channel, in which he can be seen recording his brother’s practice and interacting with other cricketers, Ahmad Shahzad and Imam-ul-Haq, inside the National Cricket Academy (NCA).

Both brothers of the Pakistan captain and some of his personal friends were also present inside the NCA, while the Vlog was being shot.

Last year, Babar letting his brother, Safeer Azam, train at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore became a topic of discussion. PCB also took notice of this incident and politely asked Babar to not allow his brother to train at the NCA again.

"Babar came to NCA three-four days back with his brother and this was before the conditioning camp had begun. And his brother later held nets which was brought to the notice of the board," a reliable source in the PCB was quoted as saying by Indian news agency, Press Trust of India (PTI).

"He is our national team captain and the matter was handled in a manner where he was politely reminded about the situation and he agreed," the source added.

Safeer had shared videos and photos of him training at NCA under the supervision of Babar.

Only first-class and national cricketers are allowed to practice at the state of the art facilities provided by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

PCB was asked for their stance on this matter, but they are yet to respond.

It remains to be seen, whether PCB will take notice of Babar’s brother recording a Vlog for his personal YouTube channel.