Change system, not personnel: Rashid

The former captain believed that the system itself was to blame for the inconsistencies in Pakistan cricket

Change system, not personnel: Rashid Photo Courtesy: Karachi Kings/Facebook

Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif, while talking to Cricket Pakistan, has advised the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to change the system instead of changing the personnel.

The former captain stated that if the PCB offers him the position of chief selector he would definitely take it if he believes the offer is good.

“If the system is not improved then no one from Moin Khan, Mohsin Khan etc can make a difference. Some people believe skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed should be removed from the leadership role; however we should instead try to strengthen his position,” said Latif.

Latif believed that the system itself was to blame for the inconsistencies in Pakistan cricket and no individual can bring about a change without a change the system.

“I have always been interested but will not refrain from speaking the truth. If people like Inzamamul Haq or Rashid Latif cannot make a difference, it means that the system itself is faulty. I will always talk about this fact,” he said. “If the current system is continued, even the likes of Moin Khan, Mohsin Khan and Turram Khan cannot make a difference. If I get offered by the PCB and like it then I will definitely accept it. If I do not like it then I will say no.”

The 50-year-old was confused why the management was not changed after Pakistan’s miserable performances after their 2017 Champions Trophy triumph.

“The Pakistan team kept losing after the Champions Trophy. No one was held accountable. Now they have removed Mickey Arthur and the coaching staff,” he said. “If their performance was unsatisfactory they should have been removed before the World Cup.”

Latif believed that the current Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed should be backed by the PCB especially after the removal of Head Coach Mickey Arthur and Chief Selector Inzamamul Haq.

“Some people believe that Sarfaraz Ahmed should be removed from captaincy. However I am not in favour of this move. If they go for a new captain at this time the decision could backfire. Babar Azam is the only consistently performing batsman in the team. He plays well under Sarfaraz Ahmed,” he said. “Mickey Arthur and Inzamamul Haq are no longer associated with the team. In these circumstances you need to strengthen your captain.”

The former captain urged the PCB to groom a new crop of domestic coaches who could help Pakistan cricket in the future.

“If you can find a good foreign coach then he should definitely be considered. However they should groom former Pakistan cricketers for the job as well. Bangladesh and many other countries are also creating a crop for the future in a similar way,” he concluded.