ICC intervenes in visa issue for Pakistan journalists

Pakistan's second match in the World Cup 2023 is scheduled against Sri Lanka on October 10th in Hyderabad

ICC intervenes in visa issue for Pakistan journalists PHOTO: AFP

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has stepped in to address the visa issue hindering Pakistani journalists from covering Pakistan's first match against the Netherlands in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had previously voiced its disappointment over the denial of Indian visas to journalists, which threatened their ability to provide comprehensive coverage of the highly anticipated cricket event.

Responding to the growing concerns, an ICC spokesperson acknowledged the gravity of the situation and assured that every effort was being made to resolve the matter promptly.

"This is an obligation of our host and they are working hard on it with our full support. Every effort is being made to get this sorted," ICC spokesmen said.

The PCB, in its formal communication to the ICC, highlighted the vital role journalists and fans play in adding to the vibrancy and enthusiasm of sporting events.

Expressing deep concerns and frustrations, the board underscored the challenges faced by Pakistani journalists and fans in securing Indian visas, impacting their ability to attend and cover crucial matches.

"We are disappointed to see that Pakistani journalists and fans are uncertain about obtaining Indian visas to cover Pakistan's opening game in the ICC World Cup. This uncertainty is causing significant pressure on us. We fully recognize the crucial role that journalists and passionate fans play in enhancing the spirit and atmosphere of sports events," conveyed the PCB in its official letter to the ICC.

"We have been reminding ICC about their obligations and members' agreement on issuing visas for fans and journalists for the last three years and continue to raise concerns with all relevant authorities," the PCB letter added.