Key meeting today to map out PCB's future

The primary agenda is to discuss the future course of action for the election of the PCB's new chairman

Key meeting today to map out PCB's future PHOTO: PCB

Several crucial meetings are scheduled for today, Monday, including one between the Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Minister Fawad Hasan Fawad and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Election Commissioner Shah Khawar Advocate. 

The primary agenda is to discuss the future course of action for the election of the PCB's new chairman.

Reliable sources have confirmed that the PCB Election Commissioner, who has been granted the authority to establish the Board of Governors, will be in a more advantageous position after these discussions regarding the path forward.

“There are so many things to sort out before the formation of the PCB Governing Board and chairman election. One of the important aspects is the text of Zaka Ashraf’s resignation as to whether he has resigned from the post of interim chairman of PCB only or as a member of the PCB Management Committee. The text of resignation will give more clarity,” said one of the high sources.

The source affirmed that Zaka Ashraf's resignation has reached the Patron Office and will be available to the Ministry on Monday for the necessary notification.

“If the text says that he has resigned from all positions, then a new member will replace him on the Management Committee, otherwise the same MC will be there till the time the Election Commissioner constitutes the Governing Board. Once the Governing Board is constituted, the Management Committee will automatically stand dissolved. In that case, Mustafa Ramday will emerge as the only contender for the post of Chairman PCB as he is also a nominee of the Patron and will be there on the PCB GB along with Zaka Ashraf. In case a replacement of Zaka comes from the Patron, the fresh nominee from the patron will be having better chance of taking over the coveted position.”

The Lahore High Court has empowered Election Commissioner Shah Khawar to establish the PCB Governing Board, which will subsequently conduct the election for the new chairman. Some suggestions propose leaving the PCB Chairman election for the elected government and empowering the Election Commissioner to manage affairs in the meantime.

“All these questions will have definite answers following the meetings scheduled for Monday. There is a good chance that the Election Commissioner will constitute the Governing Board and go on to conduct elections within the next ten days. Once he forms the Board, the MC will stand dissolved," source added.