PSL franchises express concern over IPL scheduling conflict

Franchise representatives voiced concerns to PCB, stressing the need for a new slot to attract top players

PSL franchises express concern over IPL scheduling conflict PHOTO: AFP

PSL franchises have voiced their opposition to the scheduling conflict with the IPL, emphasizing the need for a new window to attract top-tier players. 

In a recent meeting of the Pakistan Super League cricket committee, various suggestions were explored to enhance the upcoming tenth edition of the league, including its schedule.

The proposed schedule for the next edition, starting on April 12 and concluding on May 20, directly clashes with the IPL, leading to dissatisfaction among PSL franchises. During the meeting, franchise representatives communicated their reservations to the PCB, highlighting the importance of finding an alternative slot for the league to accommodate renowned players.

The franchises were informed by the board about the recommendations to attract icon players, to which they raised questions. They asked how much compensation would be given to their local star player if they offered 3 to 4 lakh dollars to a foreign cricketer.

Proposals aimed at introducing innovative elements to the league, such as impact players and replacing coin tosses with bat tosses, were met with resistance and rejected by the franchises. They argued that similar initiatives in other leagues had not significantly contributed to enhancing the excitement or freshness of the game.

The issue of impact players, in particular, has faced criticism within the IPL and may face reevaluation in future editions. Notably, the bat toss instead of a coin toss has been a longstanding tradition in the Big Bash league.

The governing council meeting will provide a platform for further discussions between PCB officials and franchise owners to address these concerns and explore potential solutions.