Rohit Sharma opens up about Pakistan fans, status of Indo-Pak Test series again

Pakistan and India last played a Test series in 2007, with India winning the series 1-0

Rohit Sharma opens up about Pakistan fans, status of Indo-Pak Test series again PHOTO: FILE

Rohit Sharma has recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of an India vs Pakistan Test series and the support from Pakistani fans. 

On i 103.8 in Dubai, Rohit Sharma was asked about the potential of a India vs Pakistan Test series that has not been played between the two since 2007. 

“I don’t know,” said India captain Rohit Sharma. I don’t know its status. If you ask me, I personally say that after all I am a cricketer, I want to play cricket and challenge myself. I want to play at any level of cricket and I think Pakistan has a good team. They have solid young bowlers who have done well now. Their batting is good, overall a very good team,” Rohit said.

“You know an India vs Pakistan match always brings something new. You know and I also think people outside the team will like it more. People outside would love to see us play (India vs Pakistan Test match). I don’t really have a problem, it’s just from a pure cricket point of view, if I have to look at it you know it would be a good reference, it’s just like you want to play in another country. When you go to Australia you face different challenges in different parts of the game. And it’s the same in the UK,” he added.

The Indian captain also mentioned the positive interactions with Pakistani fans, particularly during tours to the UK, where fans express their admiration for Indian cricketers and their love for the game.

"Loved messages from the Pakistani fans, I know they love their cricket they love it, every time mainly when we are in the UK you know these guys come and just tell us how respectfully how they love us how they love Indian cricketers how they love to watch some of us to play," he said.

Both Pakistan and India's last encounter in a Test series dates back to 2007, with Pakistan toured India for a three-match Test series, ultimately resulting in India's victory with a 1-0 score line.