Shamsi lauds Babar Azam, warns against underestimating any PSL batter

Shamsi's positive assessment extended to the PSL itself

Shamsi lauds Babar Azam, warns against underestimating any PSL batter PHOTO: PSL

South African cricketer Tabraiz Shamsi, commended Pakistan batter Babar Azam while also lauding the competitive standards of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

While talking to media in Karachi, Shamsi emphasized Babar's exceptional talent and global performance consistency. 

"He's a special player. He performs all around the world at the highest stage," Shamsi said. 

However, Shamsi was quick to point out that while Azam is a key focus, Peshawar Zalmi has a team of formidable batsmen, warranting equal respect from bowlers.

"But he's not the only batsman in the team, you know if you look at their team , there's not only a single player that we focus on. There are so many other good players in the team. So as a bowler myself I don't look at one player but ofcourse you respect all the batsmen that you are going to be coming up against because in PSL you don't get any weak teams," he further added.

The South African spinner also showered praise on rising Pakistani talents Haris and Saim, emphasizing the importance of not underestimating any opponent in cricket. 

"They are very good players, when you play league cricket, there's no weak batsman. You know if someone has a big name, it doesnt mean you respect them and you disrespect the other batsman because on any day anyone can have the ability to score runs against you," Shamsi said.

Lastly, Shamsi's positive assessment extended to the PSL itself, lauding it as one of the premier cricket tournaments globally. 

"PSL is one of the better standard tournaments. Pakistan always produces good fast bowlers. Like in any other country it's a good platform to unearth good talented players, who wouldn't get an opportunity otherwise," he concluded.