Smart tactics save Gladiators from big financial losses

Financial details relate to the first and second edition of PSL

Smart tactics save Gladiators from big financial losses PHOTO COURTESY: Twitter/@PSL

Smart tactics and controlled expenses have saved Quetta Gladiators from major financial loses, during the first two editions of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

According to a report obtained by Daily Express, in 2016 their net loss was recorded over Rs46.5 million while in 2017 it was increased just over Rs63.5million.

In terms of income, they received over Rs135.9 million from the pool and Rs17 million from sponsorship deals, in 2016.

From that income, the Gladiators paid over Rs147 million annual fee to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Rs153.4 million match fee. They spent over Rs1 million for kits, over Rs14 million for hoteling and Rs7.3 million were spent on other expenses.

The franchise spent over Rs2.6 million in terms of salaries, Rs13.6 million on advertising, Rs1.5 for media and over Rs0.1 million were spent on website.

During 2017, the Gladiators earned over Rs105.6 million from the pool and Rs95.6 million from sponsorship deal.

From that income, they paid annual fee over Rs153.1 million to the PCB and over Rs66.6 million match fee. Rs16.6 million were spent on transportation, over Rs0.2 million on other expenses, Rs2.7 million on salaries, Rs0.9 on management and administration, over Rs0.5million on fee and subscription, Rs7.2 million paid on advertising, over Rs10.02 million for promotion and over Rs39 thousand on website.

In total they suffered losses of Rs63.5 million in 2017 edition.