'Sore loser' Rohit Sharma outclassed by Pat Cummins on and off the field

Both captains offered differing opinions on the format of WTC final

'Sore loser' Rohit Sharma outclassed by Pat Cummins on and off the field PHOTO: AFP

Indian captain, Rohit Sharma, suggested that the World Test Championship (WTC) Final should be expanded into a three-match series in the future.

This perspective comes after India's defeat to Australia in the final match at the Oval on Sunday. On day five, India suffered a setback by losing seven wickets during the first session of Day 5, resulting in Australia's impressive victory by a margin of 209 runs.

Sharma, disappointed by India's defeat, voiced his thoughts on the format of the WTC Final. He expressed a desire to see the summit clash transformed into a three-match series. Sharma believed that the Indian team had put in immense effort and deserved more than a single opportunity to compete for the championship.

"I would like to play the three-Test match series for the WTC Final. We worked hard and we fought but we played just one game. I think a three-match series would be ideal in the next WTC cycle and the mega match shouldn’t always be played in the month of June and in England," Rohit was quoted as saying by NDTV.

On the other hand, Australian captain Pat Cummins, who dismissed Sharma for 15 runs in the first innings during the match, had a different perspective. Cummins drew a comparison with the Olympics, stating that athletes there had only one opportunity to win a medal.

"We already won the WTC title. Not only three-match series for WTC final, there could be 16-match series too. Players win medals in Olympics with just one chance and final," Cummins said.

India's defeat in the WTC Final marks their second successive loss in the championship, having previously lost to New Zealand in the previous cycle.