'Stop changing your stance': Afridi lashes out at Najam Sethi

Previously, chairman PCB management committee Najam Sethi proposed to host Asia Cup 2023 in England

'Stop changing your stance': Afridi lashes out at Najam Sethi PHOTO: AFP

Former Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi, expressed his dissatisfaction with the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee, Najam Sethi, for frequently changing his stance related to the venue of the Asia Cup 2023. 

Afridi's comments came as he discussed the issue of hosting the tournament in England and the need for consistency in decision-making.

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"Sometimes, I hear that the Asia Cup will be hosted in England, but I fail to comprehend why he [Sethi] feels the need to give interviews everywhere," he said.

The former all-rounder urged Sethi to adopt a more assertive stance on matters including the hosting of the Asian cricket tournament. 

He emphasized that the chairman's position carries immense responsibility and power and advised Sethi to avoid constantly changing his stance.

"I believe the position of PCB chairman calls for a bold administrator, who can defend his decisions. When decisions are revised, it must be done with precision. If you have made a decision and then you are changing it, you need to change it in a certain way. Are you taking advice from someone, or are you doing changing your stance depending on the person who is interviewing you?" he said.

"Sometimes you talk about hosting the Asia Cup in England. I mean, Najam Sethi should know that this is a huge responsibility, and you are sitting on a powerful seat, so don't keep changing your stance repeatedly. Explain to your advisors or talk to them that whatever stance you are taking, we are with you, but let's move forward with consultation and avoid constantly changing things," he concluded.

Last week, Sethi had also proposed the possibility of hosting the Asia Cup in England.

"England could be a possibility as a venue for the Asia Cup," Najam Sethi had said in an interview with an Indian media outlet.