Taylor wants change in free hit law after chaotic finish to Indo-Pak game

Taylor has encouraged politicians to consider making a change regarding free hits

Taylor wants change in free hit law after chaotic finish to Indo-Pak game Photo: AAP/CA

Former Australian captain and cricket great Mark Taylor has questioned Virat Kohli and India's 'unfair advantage' in the T20 World Cup.

Taylor has encouraged decision-makers to consider making a change regarding free hits, which would have dramatically changed the outcome of the game in Melbourne from an Indian triumph to a Pakistan victory.

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The 57-year-old is alluding to the final insane over when Kohli bowled off a free shot, but the ball bounced off the stump so that they could run three critical byes.

With two runs necessary to win from the final ball, it demonstrates how vital that moment was for India, in scenes reminiscent of England's deflected overthrows in the 2019 World Cup final against New Zealand.

On the other hand, Taylor notes a critical difference here: India was able to profit twice from Pakistan's earlier blunder.

Because of Mohammad Nawaz's no-ball, Kohli had a free hit and couldn't be out from the following delivery, which is why he played such an outrageous sweep shot, which cannoned into the base of the off stump.

And Taylor believes that keeping your wicket is enough of a gain from a free hit and that if you are removed while going for a huge shot, the ball should be 'dead' as soon as that happens.

It is still a significant benefit for the batting side since it allows them to keep any runs from the boundary or those runs. However, it also prevents the bowler from being penalized a third time effectively because the opposition still gets an extra run.

"I think if the ball hits the stumps, you're gaining an unfair advantage," said Taylor to Wide World of Sport."

Firstly, in the situation like we saw on Sunday night, the ball can deflect anywhere, and secondly, if the fielding team is trying to run the batter out, the bails are already on the ground, and you've got to remove the stump, so that's harder as well.

"I think if the batter is bowled or caught off the free hit, you're not out, but the ball should then be dead; that would be fair and reasonable.

"You've got the advantage of not being out off a free hit, but you shouldn't benefit a second time from what would normally be considered a dismissal."