Twitter reacts to Sarfraz Ahmed's racist slur

Fans and former cricketers share their thoughts on the issue

Twitter reacts to Sarfraz Ahmed's racist slur PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan Captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s racist comments spread like wild fire across the cricketing world as fans and other famous personalities shared their thoughts on social media website Twitter.

South Africa’s five-wicket win was over shadowed by Pakistan captain’s comments that he made for all-rounder Andile Phehlukwayo.

The incident took place during the 37th over of the South Africa innings, where Sarfraz was left frustrated after Phehlukwayo inside-edged a Shaheen Afridi delivery.

In result, the wicketkeeper-batsman was caught saying: "Abey kaale, teri ammi aaj kahaan baitheen hain? Kya parwa ke aaye hai aaj?" which can be translated in English as: “Hey black guy, where's your mother sitting today? What have you asked her to pray for you?"

The development can be a disastrous one for the Men in Green, who might well be without their leader for the rest of the South Africa tour.

However, no action is taken by the International Cricket Council (ICC) yet, but here are some thoughts that people expressed on Twitter.

Sarfraz must explain himself to Media & public regarding his comments to batsman..

— Shoaib Akhtar (@shoaib100mph) January 23, 2019

Just heard Sarfraz Ahmad’s unbelievable slurs. Totally condemnable. What was he thinking saying such things🙈. He must explain, apologise and pay for it.

— Syed Talat Hussain (@TalatHussain12) January 23, 2019

I'm a massive believer that intent is important. When I was in Pakistan, I was the gora. It wasn't meant to be a sledge. It was like me calling my red head mates "bluey". It wasn't meant to be nasty. It's part of the language. I get it.

But Sarfraz was aiming to hurt here.

— Dennis Gabba (@DennisCricket_) January 23, 2019

Those who are calling Sarfraz racist should know in sub continent we usually call someone kalo, kaala (meaning black) just out of love. It's like a nick name just like Billa (someone who has hazel eyes) or moto (fat person). It has NOTHING to do with RACISM.😑#SAvPAK #SAvsPAK

— Mohsin (@Mohsin51987636) January 23, 2019

Very, very poor from Sarfraz to say the least. So disappointing and hope there’s strong punishment.

Not too impressed with Rameez’ handling of it

— Barny Read (@BarnabyRead) January 23, 2019

Interesting comments by Sarfraz on South African batsman Phehlukwayo,even Ramiz avoids to translate it.

— Mirza Iqbal Baig (@mirzaiqbal80) January 22, 2019

- in view of Sarfraz’s act the entire nation will now promise not to use this reference ever.

Say yes! :)

— Asif Khan (@mak_asif) January 22, 2019