U19 cricketers up for grabs in PSL draft

Contrary to National T20 Cup, U19 players will be available for Pakistan Super League

U19 cricketers up for grabs in PSL draft PHOTO: AFP

Mohammad Hafeez, the newly appointed team director for Pakistan, had taken a strategic stance in his role by advocating for the exclusion of Under-19 players from T20 matches. 

According to his philosophy, young cricketers in the early stages of their careers may not benefit from participating in T20 cricket, hindering their chances to improve their technique.

This directive extended to the recently-concluded National T20 Cup, where Under-19 players were prohibited from participating.

Initially, the plan was to keep Under-19 players away from the prestigious Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9. However, this proposal faced opposition from the franchises, leading to its inability to be implemented. The compromise reached stipulates that players with a minimum of 10 first-class or national-level matches will be eligible to participate, excluding entirely new players. Notably, Under-19 players will available to be picked in the PSL draft, a decision that has garnered satisfaction from the franchises.

Expressing their contentment with this decision, a representative from one of the franchises emphasized that young players in the PSL have consistently demonstrated their abilities, with many eventually earning a spot in the national team. Fortunately, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has acknowledged and embraced this perspective, recognizing the potential for emerging talents to make significant contributions to the Pakistani cricketing landscape.