Winning World Cup in India will be the biggest slap on BCCI: Afridi

Earlier, the PCB management committee forewarned BCCI that the national side would pull out from World Cup if they didn't agree to play Asia Cup in Pakistan and not even on a hybrid model

Winning World Cup in India will be the biggest slap on BCCI: Afridi PHOTO: FILE

Former Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi, strongly believes that there will be no bigger humiliation for India than to be thrashed by Pakistan in one of the magnanimous cricket tournaments, that too on their home ground. 

The former all-rounder reinstated that management should push their national players to go, play the World Cup and come back after claiming the trophy. This whole fiasco should be settled in a positive and smarter way.

"I don't understand why they [PCB] are so adamant and keep saying that we won't go to India. They need to simplify the situation and understand that an international cricket tournament is happening - take it rather positively; go and play. Tell your boys to get the trophy; the whole nation stands behind you. It'll not only be a big win for us but a tight slap on the face of BCCI," Afridi said.

The 46-year-old stated that PCB don't have a lot of choices on thier plate, so they should opt for the one that is feasible and within their reach.

"Go to India, play decent cricket and claim the win. This is it; we have only this option resorted to ourselves. We are supposed to go there, land back with the World Cup and give them a steer clear message that we can go anywhere and bag the victory," he further added.

It is worth mentioning that, emphasizing the importance of keeping cricket and politics separate, Afridi previously urged the relevant authorities to swiftly decide on hosting the Asia Cup in Pakistan.

Pakistan and India are known as arch-rivals for historical reasons; however, regrettably, it is disheartening that since 2012, both national teams have not had the opportunity to compete against each other on their respective home grounds across any format of the game.

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