David Miller picks Babar Azam over Virat Kohli

South African batsman prefers Pakistan captain’s cover drive

David Miller picks Babar Azam over Virat Kohli PHOTO: AFP

South African batsman, David Miller, has picked Babar Azam’s cover drive over Virat Kohli’s cover drive in a segment named ‘You have to answer’ on ESPNCricinfo.

The left-hander was asked to pick between the aforementioned batsmen and Miller preferred the classical shot played by Pakistan captain.

I'll probably go Babar,” Miller said.

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Babar is known for his class and elegance while playing his shots and a lecture on his batting technique being used as an example by a coach at the International Coaching Cricket Center in the United Kingdom (UK), recently went viral all over social media.

In the video, the lecturer terms Babar ‘world class’ and asks his students to learn from his stance.

“Top players track the ball when it comes out of the hand. They don’t move early, they stand still and keep watching it," the coach said. 

"He [Babar] is beautifully balanced at the crease. He is watching the bowler coming in, but not moving. There is a lot going on his mind. He will only move when the ball is close to him. That is why he is world number one," he concluded.


Babar Azam's technique became part of the International Cricket Coaching Centre study in the United Kingdom. Such a proud moment to see this 😍#PakistanCricket @babarazam258

— Cricket Pakistan (@cricketpakcompk) February 20, 2023


Babar is ranked number one in ODIs, while number three in Tests and T20I. He was recently awarded the Cricketer of the Year award for his performances in 2022