Find another spinner like me: Ajmal challenges PCB

Former Pakistan cricketer was concerned with the lack of quality spinners in Pakistan

Find another spinner like me: Ajmal challenges PCB PHOTO: AFP

Former Pakistan off-spinner Saeed Ajmal has challenged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to find another bowler like him, bearing in mind the lack of quality spinners in the country. 

While talking to Cricket Pakistan in an exclusive interview, Ajmal spoke about his ban in 2014, due to suspect bowling action, and the little or no backing he received from the PCB. 

“My medical condition should have been taken into account before placing a bowling ban on me but ICC did not do that. The bend in my arm was due to an accident and I can’t do anything to change that,” said Ajmal. “The PCB did not support me on this issue and instead asked me to correct my bowling action.  They must have thought that another Saeed Ajmal will come along, although they have not been able to find one.”

The Faisalabad-born also questioned the current Pakistan players’ ability to play spin bowling. 

“We are not producing quality spinners while our batsmen are also not good at playing spin bowling. In the past, we used to dominate the spinners and score loads of runs against them but now the complete opposite is happening,” he said.  

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Speaking about the current lot of spinners, Ajmal said: “Currently I don’t see anyone, except for Yasir Shah, who can bowl in accordance with the requirements of Test cricket but there are many, such as the likes of Shadab Khan, Zafar Gohar, Mohammad Nawaz, who are well-equipped to play the shorter formats of the game.” 

Commenting on the changes in Pakistan’s domestic structure, Ajmal said that we need to give the system time before jumping to any conclusions.

“I think the new domestic structure has made life difficult for cricketers in the country due to reduction in income and contracted players but, having said that, the system is now in place and need to give it time before forming an opinion,” he concluded.