Imran Khan slams BCCI for targeting Pakistan cricketers

Khan accused India of behaving arrogantly and targeting Pakistan cricketers

Imran Khan slams BCCI for targeting Pakistan cricketers PHOTO: File

Former Pakistan captain, Imran Khan, criticized the cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan, calling it a "sad affair."

Khan accused India of behaving arrogantly and acting as if they are a superpower in world cricket. He went on to say that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) selectively chooses which countries to play against based on their ability to generate revenue for world cricket, adding that this behavior is driven by India's desire to retain their status as a superpower.

“It is a sad and unfortunate affair, the relationship between Pakistan and India. There is a lot of arrogance in the way India now behaves in the cricketing world as a superpower. Because of their ability to generate a lot of funds, more than any other country, I think they almost dictate now as a sort of the arrogance of a super power of who they should play and who they shouldn’t,” Imran told Times Radio on Friday.

The 70-yer-old also criticized the BCCI for targeting Pakistan cricketers, calling it a display of arrogance. However, he was quick to point out that Pakistan has its own quality T20 league, the Pakistan Super League (PSL), which also attracts foreign cricketers.

“I find it strange that the Indian cricket board should take it out on the Pakistan cricket players [by not allowing them to feature in the IPL] and it just reeks of arrogance," he said.

Imran believes in Pakistani talent and urges fans not to worry about IPL exclusion, citing confidence in the quality of young cricketers in Pakistan.

"If India doesn't allow Pakistan to play IPL then Pakistan should not worry about it because Pakistan itself has quality young cricketers," he concluded.