Inzamamul Haq's condition stable after suffering heart attack

Inzamam's situation has improved drastically and has now been released from the hospital

Inzamamul Haq's condition stable after suffering heart attack PHOTO: AFP

Former Pakistan captain and an all-time great batsman, Inzamamul Haq, suffered a heart attack and successfully underwent angioplasty on Monday evening.

It is reported that Inzamam had been in a state of discomfort for the past three days, where the right-hand batter complained about chest pain. The initial test reports cleared him but upon further inspection, it was revealed that the 51-year-old had suffered a heart attack. Following this, he was rushed to the hospital for surgery.

Previously, his agent confirmed that Inzamam is doing better. The latest update confirms that Inzamam has now been released from the hospital.

Inzamam remains one of the most successful captains in Pakistan cricket history alongside being one of the most decorated batsman the country has ever produced. He shot to global prominence in the 1992 World Cup and is also Pakistan's leading run-scorer in the ODIs with 11,701 runs in 375 matches. He is also the third highest run-getter in the longest format of the game for the Men in Green.

After retiring, Inzamam remained connected to Pakistan cricket in different capacity; he has served as a batting consultant and chief selector. In addition to that, Inzamam has also worked as head coach of Afghanistan national team. 

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پیارے انضی ۔۔۔ تمہارا دل۔۔ اتنا پیارا دل۔۔ اسکو لگتا ھے نظر لگ گئی ۔۔ بہت فکر ہوئی کہ اتنے پیارے دل والے کو تکلیف ہوئی ، دعا ہے کہ تم ٹھیک ھو کر جلد اپنے پیارے دل سے ہم سب کو اسی طرح خوش کرو گے جیسا تم ھمیشہ کرتے ھو۔ پیارے دوست اپنا خوب خیال رکھو ۔ جلد ملتے ہیں !

— Wasim Akram (@wasimakramlive) September 28, 2021


Wishing you a speedy recovery @Inzamam08. You've always been calm yet competitive, and a fighter on the field.

I hope and pray that you'll come out stronger from this situation as well. Get well soon.

— Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) September 28, 2021


Wishing you a speedy recovery @Inzamam08 bhai. 🤲

— Shan Masood (@shani_official) September 28, 2021


Inzi bhai, inshallah your recovery will be as effortless as those cover drives you used to hit past me 🙏

— Jonty Rhodes (@JontyRhodes8) September 28, 2021


Lots of prayers for your speedy recovery @Inzamam08 Bhai. May Allah bless you with lots of strength and complete health 🏼🏼🏼
Get well soon inshaAllah ❤️

— Hassan Ali 🇵🇰 (@RealHa55an) September 28, 2021


Prayers for @Inzamam08 bhai quick recovery. May Allah grant him a long healthy life Ameen

— Umar Gul (@mdk_gul) September 28, 2021