Mohammad Amir takes an indirect dig at Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi has been subjected to a row of injuries over the past few months periodically, which led to his exclusion from Asia Cup and few home series

Mohammad Amir takes an indirect dig at Shaheen Afridi PHOTO: ICC

Left-arm pacer, Shaheen Afridi, on whom the team is heavily relied upon, has been the victim of uncalled knee injuries, which only have gotten worse with time. However, the premier bowler had nothing but determination to play to his maximum capacity regardless.

During the T20 World Cup final against England, Shaheen again suffered knee discomfort, which forced him to walk off the field. It was speculated that he had been carrying an injury throughout the tournament but forcefully infused his way into the event's equation.

Indirectly referencing the situation, former Pakistan cricketer Muhammad Amir stressed on the value of rotation policy and stated that it is essential majorly to secure players from unsummoned injuries. He categorically mentioned that the board took up the rotation policy when they saw the consequences their prime players had to face after carrying injuries in the World Cup.

"There was no rotation policy back in the day, but it has now finally been adapted and implemented by the management; that too why? Because players were getting injured," Amir said. 

“In the 2022 World Cup in Australia, quite a few players were injured, and some were even playing while carrying injuries with them. This is the management and player’s job to look after these factors strictly. At the end of the day, your motto is to serve your country and your focus should be how to do it in a better way," he added.

It is worth mentioning that not only Shaheen, who's been suffering from injury during World Cup, but also Fakhar Zaman was ruled out T20 World Cup just when the management took the bait of adding him to the squad as Usman Qadir's replacement. Unfortunately, his injury was exacerbated when he played against the Netherlands and eventually was dropped out of the 15-man World Cup squad.