PCB official resigns over ‘mental health’ issues

Sources have also revealed that serious allegations were levelled against another senior official

PCB official resigns over ‘mental health’ issues PHOTO: Reuters

A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official resigned over mental health issues, recently, according to sources.

The aforementioned official, who was highly educated, was under pressure at work especially due to the insensitive behaviour of couple of his seniors in the board.

The situation worsened when the official had to be taken to the hospital for treatment, where he spent quite a few days in recovery.

Even the parents of the said official complained to a high-ranking PCB official over the matter. However, soon after, the official stopped coming to work and eventually resigned.

This incident happened during the previous PCB management but when current Chairman Ramiz Raja was notified about the issue he sent out strict instructions about how such a behaviour will not be tolerated in the future.    

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Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, Express Media Group has decided to keep names of the PCB officials confidential.

When PCB Director Media, Samiul Hasan Burney, was approached on the matter, he said: “The official never complained about any individual in the organisation for such a behaviour. We won’t comment on it, if that person has brought up such a thing after leaving the PCB. He also didn’t want to extend his contract with the PCB, which is a decision we respect.”

Meanwhile, sources have also revealed that serious allegations were also levelled against another senior official, who was part of the previous PCB management, by that person’s team member. After investigation was carried out, the senior official resigned from his position.