PCB re-edits video, releases new one featuring Imran Khan

Previously, #ShameonPCB trended as major players missed out on Pakistan's cricket celebratory video

PCB re-edits video, releases new one featuring Imran Khan PHOTO: File

On the occasion of Pakistan's 76th Independence Day, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) initially released a video across various social media platforms.

This video showcased memorable moments of triumph from the Pakistan cricket team's history. 

However, it garnered criticism for omitting former Pakistan captain Imran Khan, a pivotal figure from the 1992 World Cup champion team. This omission led to allegations of bias from supporters of Khan.

Responding to the feedback and criticism, the PCB has taken steps to rectify the situation. They have re-edited the original video and subsequently re-uploaded it. The revised video now prominently features skipper Khan's significant contributions during the 1992 World Cup victory. 


The PCB has launched a promotional campaign leading up to the CWC 2023. One of the videos was uploaded on 14th August 2023. Due to its length, the video was abridged and some important clips were missing. This has been rectified in the complete version of the video ⤵️

— Pakistan Cricket (@TheRealPCB) August 16, 2023

Moreover, the updated promotional material from the PCB includes additional content beyond the 1992 World Cup including Misbah ul Haq's Test mace triumph in 2016.

Additionally, it brings attention to the exceptional triumph of the Pakistan women's cricket team at the Asian Games, commemorating their accomplishments and significant contributions to the sport.

The video also showcases Nida Dar's remarkable feat of reaching 100 wickets, a milestone that enriches Pakistan's cricketing heritage.