PSL 9: Board seeks awaiting dues from few stakeholders

PSL team owners express disappointment over commissioner Naila Bhatti's resignation

PSL 9: Board seeks awaiting dues from few stakeholders PHOTO: PCB

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is set for an important working group meeting this Saturday in Lahore, with unresolved financial distributions and governance issues topping the agenda. 

The meeting will bring together franchise owners and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials to address the distribution of revenues, with PCB owing 50% of earnings to franchises by May 5.

During the upcoming meeting, COO Salman Naseer and several other officials will be in attendance.

Following a review of the prepared recommendations, Chairman PCB Mohsin Naqvi will lead discussions on governance during the governing council meeting within the next few days.

Meanwhile, many team owners express disappointment over Commissioner Naila Bhatti's resignation.

Recent developments deeply unsettled her, as she perceived a lack of priority given to league affairs. Her position had been under review for some time since the new administration took charge.

It should be noted that Naila, who had close ties to former PCB Chairman Najam Sethi, persisted in her role despite a period of reduced influence during Zaka Ashraf's tenure.

Nevertheless, the circumstances had grown notably challenging for her. She had recently alerted franchise owners about the critical state of affairs, prompting her contemplation of resignation. Further changes are also expected in the board in the coming days.