Rains wreak havoc at National Stadium Karachi

30 VIP boxes were created during PSL 4

Rains wreak havoc at National Stadium Karachi PHOTO: File

The ongoing rains in Karachi have brought the inadequacies of the construction and development work done at the National Stadium to the forefront. These inadequacies and neglect in the reconstruction of the National Stadium have left a huge question mark for the management.

The rains have destroyed the newly constructed roofs of the stadium while the roofs of the VIP sections have started dripping.

The VIP boxes have been left unusable after lasting for just six months. Rain water has entered most of the VIP boxes as well.

The roofs of the VIP boxes have undergone significant damage whereas some parts have disintegrated entirely. 30 VIP boxes were created during Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Pakistan Super League (PSL) fourth edition.

It should be noted that the reconstruction and development of the National Stadium in Karachi has incurred expenditures of PKR 1.5 billion. Many other issues are also being addressed. A sustainable sewerage system is paramount amongst these issues.