Uncertainty surrounds Indian involvement in remaining PSL 6 matches

Pakistan Government has also banned flights from India

Uncertainty surrounds Indian involvement in remaining PSL 6 matches PHOTO COURTESY: PCB

There is growing uncertainty surrounding Indian involvement in the remaining PSL 6 matches, due to begin from June 1 in Karachi.

The PSL 6 was postponed on March 4, due to multiple Covid-19 cases among players and support staff, with 20 matches remaining.

According to details, out of the 50 members of production crew that travelled to Pakistan for the initial matches of PSL 6, 17 belonged to India. Many countries, including Pakistan, have banned the entry of Indian citizens to their country due to the growing cases of coronavirus in India. Foreign crew is often hired for production during international or PSL matches in Pakistan. After South Africa (19), most of the production crew for the initial PSL 6 matches was from India. Some members of the production crew also belonged to England, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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It is not yet clear whether special permission will be sought for the Indian members of the production crew for PSL matches or the Government of Pakistan will stop them from travelling to Pakistan.

In current circumstances, allowing Indian citizens to enter Pakistan is quite risky. Pakistan Government has also banned flights from India.

PCB Director Media Samiul Hasan Burney, regarding the aforementioned development, said: "Our media partners are required to do the same quality of production for the remaining matches of PSL, which they did before the postponement. It is up to them, which country citizens they employ for the production. However, as per the agreement, all required technologies will be available to them."

The Indian members of the Production crew include: Abhinav Kumar Singh (Guarantee Engineer), Chandra Prakash (Comms Enginner), Har Singh (Vision Engineer), Rahul Arjun Yadav (Vision Engineer), Vishal Nalavade (Vision Engineer), Rahul Mishra (Assistant Engineer), Murtaza Bohari (System Engineer), Barkathulla Sharif (Sound Supervisor), Ahmedullah Sharif (Audio Assistant), Chetan Midha (GFX Operator), Shailendra Singh (GFX Operator), Manish Kumar (GFX Operator), Tarun Ramani (Buggy Gimbal Operator), Kaushik Agarwal (Buggy Operator), Divyaditya Acharya (Drone Pilot), Pran Sumit Pal ( Drone Gimbal Pilot) and Alex Joseph (Central Production Manager).