Wasim Khan eyes extensive domestic cricket structure overhaul

PCB MD is expected to take some serious measures in this regard during upcoming months

Wasim Khan eyes extensive domestic cricket structure overhaul PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Managing Director (MD) Wasim Khan is keen about revamping domestic cricket structure and he plans to take some strong measures in this regard, during the upcoming few months.

Talking exclusively to Cricket Pakistan, Khan stressed on the need to plan appropriately for the betterment of domestic cricket. 

“I’m already aware of challenges and domestic cricket overhauling is one of the major tasks,” said Khan. “We are planning about it and within coming two to three months we will have a clear picture.”

He indicated that they will not only introduce a structure to improve the domestic cricket system, but also provide infrastructure facilities for the cricketers as well.

“When it comes to domestic structure it includes basics like wickets, grounds, and training facilities. When we present the model, we will also introduce an infrastructure for that as well,” he said.

He added: “In India, they have a strong cricket structure. That is why their cricket is progressing. So we have to take some similar steps to take Pakistan cricket forward.”

Khan also praised Pakistan Super League (PSL) organising team for their efforts to make the tournament a huge success.

“Our team has worked really well in the PSL. It was a high standard opening ceremony. We also received positive feedback from the viewers,” he said.

Revealing his plans about reducing the workforce in the board, Khan said that he is yet to completely assess the situation. 

“I haven’t met with everyone yet in the board. Like a businessman, we will design a strategy and line of action, than we will take action on it,” he said.

Khan also admitted that putting an end to departmental cricket won’t be ideal for the stakeholders involved.

“We know that departments and regions have their politics in domestic cricket. Departments will have a role in our future plans,” he said. “We will try to accommodate first-class players in different roles of coaching, umpiring, grounds men and other related fields.”

He added: “It is true if we end departmental cricket their will a huge number of players and officials who will suffer. But we are planning for them as well. Everyone has to move forward. We are planning a structure that will be effective in achieving long term goals.” 

He also highlighted the importance of bringing international cricket back in Pakistan.

“We are bearing a lot of expenses for hosting any team here in UAE. Fans are not coming in large numbers as well,” he said. “Which is why, it is very important that we should bring international cricket back to Pakistan.”

Commenting on Australia’s refusal to tour Pakistan, he said they have new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) so it was difficult decision for them.

“They have just hired new CEO and COO, so it was a difficult decision for them to take,” he said. “They didn’t even send their security team to visit Pakistan. Despite that they still left the door open for negotiations for a future tour.”