Ahmed Shehzad decides against legal battle with PCB

Pakistan opening batsman won’t challenge board’s decision to impose ban

Ahmed Shehzad decides against legal battle with PCB PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad had decided against challenging Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decision to impose ban after the Lahore-born cricketer tested positive for a banned substance.

Shehzad was keen on indulging in a legal battle with the PCB over this decision but has decided not to pursue such a thing as it could have resulted in a lengthier ban.

Shehzad had requested the board to impose only a one-month ban in order to avoid losing out in international T20 league contracts but the PCB have declined to accept this as it could prompt action from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The 26-year-old’s in-competition urine sample, which was collected during the domestic Pakistan Cup tournament in May, tested positive and an independent review board confirmed the result in June.

The opening batsman decided against submitting a ‘B’ sample, in response to PCB’s decision, and also hired the services of renowned lawyer Babar Awan — who is also part of the ruling party Pakistan Thereek-e-Insaf (PTI).

According to doping rules, the player has to fill a form before submitting his sample and in one section of this form, Shehzad stated that he had not taken any medications — which could impact his test results — recently. Shehzad had also tried to avoid the test by asking a fellow team player to go in his place but after the latter refused, he was forced to appear.

Later when the results came positive, Shehzad changed his stance during a hearing and stated that he had taken pain killers for headache before submitting his urine sample on advice of his wife.

Earlier Daily Express reported that the PCB is likely to impose a six-month ban on Shehzad after his dope test came positive.

Shehzad is currently provisionally suspended and charged with violating anti-doping regulations after he tested positive for a prohibited substance.